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chlorophyll - chlorophyll;
chlorophyll - Green pigment found in all algae and higher plants (with exception of a few saprophytes and parasites); located in chloroplasts except in blue-green algae (Cyanophyta) where it is borne on numerous photosynthetic membranes scattered in cytoplasm at cell periphery. Magnesium porphyrin compounds chemically related to prosthetic groups of haemoglobin and cytochrome. Responsible for light capture in photosynthesis and is site of first stage of transformation of light energy to chemical energy. Several chlorophylls exist, with minor differences in chemical structure; chlorophyll a is the only one common to all organisms that possess chlorophyll (the only one in blue-green algae) and is believed to be specifically required. In a few photo-synthetic bacteria other kinds of chlorophyll, bacterwchlorophylls, occur.

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