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cilium - cilium;
cilium - Fine cytoplasmic thread projecting, along with many others, from the surface of a cell. Cilia of a cell or of a whole epithelium lash with orderly beat in a constant direction. Each cilium moves the fluid surrounding it by lashing stiffly through it like an oar, and then bending on its recovery stroke so as to offer less resistance. Have same internal structure as flagellum from which they probably only differ in their relative shortness. Present in one group of Protozoa (Ciliophora) and all Metazoa except Arthropoda (though present in Onychophora) and Nema-toda. In Metazoa commonly occur on ciliated epithelia. Cilia like those of animals occur only in few plants, e.g. Cycads; but the term is often used in botany synonymously with flagellum.

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