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gymnospermae - gymnospermae;
gymnospermae - Conifers and their allies; sub-division of Spermatophyta. Primitive seed plants with many fossil representatives. Distinguished from the other group, Angiospermae, by having the ovules borne unprotected on surface of megasporophylls. Micro-and megasporophylls usually arranged in cones. Gametophyte generations reduced. Female gametophyte multicellular (female prothallus), with few exceptions, bearing archegonia. Male gametophyte initiated by pollen grain (microspore), consisting of varying number of prothallial cells and pollen tube containing male gametes; in some orders these are motile, in others non-motile. Characteristically without vessels in xylem (except in order Gnetales). See also: Coniferales, Cycadales, Ginkgoales, Gnetalesy Bennettitales, Cordaitales, Cycadofilicales.

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