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messenger rna - messenger rna;
messenger rna - Ribonucleic acid molecule that conveys from the DNA the information that is to be translated into the structure of a particular polypeptide molecule. Every different polypeptide that a cell makes requires a corresponding species of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule. The mRNA, which is a single strand of nucleotides, is built up on a length of DNA (a cistron), its sequence of nucleotides matching (by base-pairing) that of one strand of the DNA. The polypeptide molecule is then built up by means of the mRNA (which has become freed from the DNA and attached to ribosomes), the sequence of amino-acids in the polypeptide being determined by the sequence of nucleotides in the mRNA (See also: Transfer RNA). mRNA in bacteria, in which it has been most studied, is short-lived and is continuously produced.

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