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pelvis - Pelvis;
pelvis - The hind limbs are attached to the vertebral column by means of a considerable bony structure known as the pelvic girdle (fig.). This mass of bone is in reality composed of three pairs of elements, though they are in the adult strongly compacted together. The main bone, which is firmly attached to the vertebral column, is the ilium; with this is almost completely fused the ischium; the very slender pubis is to a large extent free from these bones. The pelvis is in its form one of the most characteristic of the bones of the bird's skeleton. In other animals the three bones are present, but they are directed away from each other; in the bird, as already described, the pubis is directed backwards, parallel to the ischium; in correspondence, perhaps, with its position it has become a feeble bone, and has but few muscles attached to it. The interest of the matter, however, is mainly in the fact that among the extinct Dinosaurs, a race of mesozoic reptiles, there were some in which the pelvis had a very bird-like structure, with the same feeble and recurrent pubis. This has been urged as a mark of affinity between the Dinosaurs and birds. The several bones of the pelvis are free from each other at the extremity, or almost so, in all the Ratites, and in the Tinamous, which are supposed to bear some relationship to the Ratites. The fact is interesting as being an example of the retention of a character by one group of birds which is only transitional and embryonic in another, for in all young birds the bones of the pelvis are separate; it is not until some time before hatching that they become fused together as we see them in the adult.

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pelvis - pelvis;
pelvis - (1) The pelvic girdle. (2) The lower part of the abdomen surrounded by the pelvic girdle. (3) P. of'kidney, funnel-shaped expansion of ureter as it joins the concave side of kidney.

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