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photorespiration - photorespiration;
photorespiration - Type of respiration characteristic of certain plant species that is activated by light. Biochemically different from normal respiration, involving glycolate metabolism. Plants displaying photorespiration, e.g. sugar beet, tobacco, wheat, have higher CO2 compensation points, fix carbon dioxide by the Galvin cycle (See also: Photosynthesis) and, photosynthetically, are less efficient than those which do not, e.g. maize, sugar cane, sorghum. The latter fix carbon dioxide by the oxaloacetic acid pathway. These two types of plant also differ in other significant and apparently interrelated respects. The chloroplasts of plants of the first type are distributed evenly throughout the mesophyll and are absent around veins. Those of plants of the second type are strikingly concentrated around the veins; and translocation from the leaves is relatively rapid.

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