abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, d

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abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, d - Abbreviations WAR, THE SERVICES, CIVIL DEFENCE, d;
abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, d -
D.Dental Branch (R.A.F.); Deputy; destroyer.
D.A.Delayed action; deputy assistant; diphenyl-chloro-arsine; direct action.
D.A.A.G.Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General.
D.A.D.Deputy Assistant Director.
D.A.F.Desert Air Force.
D.A.Q.M.G.Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General.
D.A.S.Direct air support.
D.B.Ops.Director of Bomber Operations.
D.C.L.I.Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.
D.C.M.Distinguished Conduct Medal; District Court Martial.
D.C.O.Dental Clerk Orderly.
D.C.T.Depth-charge thrower.
D.C.W.Department of Chemical Warfare.
D.D.Deputy director; Duplex Drive.
D.E.M.S.Defensively equipped merchant ship.
Det.Detached; detachment; detonator.
D.F.Defensive fire; destroyer flotilla; direction finder.
D.F.C.Distinguished Flying Cross.
D.F.M.Distinguished Flying Medal.
D.F.Ops.Director of Fighter Operations.
D.G.Degaussing; Director-General; Dragoon Guards.
D.G.D.Director of Ground Defence (R.A.F.).
D.G.M.S.Director-General of Medical Services.
D.G.O.Director-General of Organization.
D.G.P.Director-General of Production.
D.G.R.Director(-General) of Graves Registration.
D.G.R.D.Direct or-General of Research and Development.
D.G.S.Director-General of Signals.
D.G.Tn.Director-General of Transportation Services.
D.G.W.I.P.Director-General of Weapons and Instruments Production.
D.H.Director of Hygiene.
D.Hgs.Director of Hirings Service.
D.I.Daily Inspection.
D.I.W.T.Director of Inland Water Transport Service (Army).
D.Lab.Director of Labour.
D.L.C.O.Deck Landing Control Officer.
D.L.I.Durham Light Infantry.
D.M.Diphenyl-amine-chloro-arsine; Director of Mechanisation.
D.M.C.Director of Military Cooperation.
D.M.I.Director of Military Intelligence.
D.M.O.Director of the Meteorological Office (R.A.F.).
D.M.O.I.Director of Military Operations and Intelligence.
D.M.Q.Director of Movements and Quartering.
D.M.S.Director of Medical Services (Army).
D.M.T.Director of Military Training; driver, mechanical transport.
D.N.A.Director of Naval Accounts.
D.N.A.D.Director of Naval Air Division.
D.N.E.Director of Naval Equipment.
D.N.F.T.U.Day-Night Flying Training Unit.
D.N.I.Director of Naval Intelligence.
D.N M.S.Director of Naval Medical Services.
D.N.R.Director of Naval Recruiting.
D.O.Demi-official; Director of Organization; Divisional Order.
D.O.D.Director of Operations Division (R.N.).
D.O.I.O.Director of Intelligence, Operations (R.A.F.).
D.O.I.S.Director of Intelligence, Security (R.A.F.).
D.O.M.Director of Manning.
D.O.N.Director of Navigation.
D.O.S.Director of Signals (R.A.F.).
D.P.Deep penetration; delivery point; dispersal point; displaced person; drill purposes; Duty Pilot.
D.P.R.Director of Public Relations (R.A.F.).
D.P.S.Director of Personal Services.
D.R.Dead reckoning; dispatch rider.
D.R.L.S.Dispatch Rider Letter Service.
D.R.O.Daily (or Divisional) Routine Order.
D.S.Decontamination Squad; Directing Staff.
D.S.C.Distinguished Service Cross.
D.S.C.D.Director of Small Craft Disposals.
D.S.E.A.Davis submarine escape apparatus.
D.S.M.Director of Servicing and Maintenance (R.A.F.); Distinguished Service Medal.
D.S.O.Distinguished Service Order.
D.S.R.Director of Scientific Research.
D.T.A.C.F.Director Territorial Army and Cadet Force.
D.T.D.Department of Technical Development.
D.T.F.Director of Flying Training (R.A.F).
D.T.O.Director of Operational Training (R.A.F.).
D.T.T.Director of Technical Training (R.A.F.).
D.W.A.A.F.Director of Women's Auxiliary Air Force.
D.W.D.Director of Weapon Development.
D.Z.Dropping zone.

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