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achi baba - Achi Baba;
achi baba - Hill in Gallipoli. A barren ridge nearly 600 ft. high, it sends out rocky spurs on each side to the sea and so forms a barrier across the W. end of the peninsula. In 1915 it was fortified by the Turks, and the British attempts to take it were the main incidents in the earlier part of the Gallipoli campaign. See Krithia. Achiet-le-Grand. Village of France, in the department of Pas-de-Calais. It is a junction for Bapaume on the Arras-Albert rly. Taken from the Germans bv the British, March 17, 1917, it was recaptured by the Germans in the spring of 1918, but regained by the British on Aug. 23, 1918. Another village, Achiet-le-Petit, S.W. of Achiet-le-Grand, was also captured by the British in March, 1917, retaken by the Germans in the spring of 1918, and recovered by the British on Aug. 21, 1918.

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