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achin - Achin;
achin - Region of Sumatra (q.v.), Indonesia. Situated on the northern end of the island, it is about 20,500 sq.; m. in area. Fishing, boat-building, silk-weaving, and gold-working are its chief industries. The capital is Kuta Raja, on the Achin river, 4 m. inland by tramway from the northern port of Olehleh. Achin has been the scene of repeated warfare, largely induced by piracy on the part of the natives, who are of Malay descent and were converted to Mahoincdanism in the 13th century. The Dutch, to whom Achin with other territory in Sumatra had been ceded by Great Britain in 1824, sent out an expedition in 1873 to subdue the natives. The Achinese inflicted a severe reverse on the Dutch force, and it required several other expeditions finally to overcome their resistance. Dutch civil government was established in 1880, but hostilities were resumed in 1896 and 1898, and again in 1901-4. Pop. of prov. 789,660.

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