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achurch, janet - Achurch, janet (1864-1916);
achurch, janet - British actress, whose real name was Janet Achurch Sharp. Born Jan. 17, 1864, in Lancashire, she first played at the old Olympic Theatre, London, under Miss Genevieve Ward (1883), and later in the Benson Company. In 1889she joined Charles Charrington, whom she married, in the production of Ibsen's plays. As Nora in A Doll's House she won particular distinction, and Mr. and Mrs. Charrington toured the world with this play, in-terpreting Ibsen for the first time in English in many lands. In 1911, Janet Achurch played Mrs. Linde in the revival of A Doll's House at the Kingsway Theatre, London. She died at Ventnor, Sept. 11, 1916.

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