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adalia - Adalia;
adalia - Turkish port on the S. coast of Asia Minor, on the Gulf of Adalia, about 200 m. S.E. of Izmir. Timber, grain, cattle, and horses are exported, but its commercial importance has declined through inadequate harbour facilities. Founded by and named after Attalus II (220-138 b.c.), and known as Satalia to the Crusaders, Adalia, or Attalia, it figures prominently in the medieval history of the Levant. Here Richard I assembled his fleet before the conquest of Cyprus, and the Levant Company had an agency until 1825. Pop. 28,000. The vilayet of which Adalia is the chief town was formerly known by the same name, but is now called Antalya. It was the ancient Tekke. Pop. 256,366.

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