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adams, maude kiskadden - Adams, maude kiskadden (b. 1872);
adams, maude kiskadden - American actress. Born at Salt Lake City Nov. 11, 1872, both her parents being on the she made her theatrical debut in children's parts. A ft e r experience under the management variously of E. A. Sothern, C. Frohman, and John Drew, she made a hit in 1892 in The Masked Ball. This was followed by successes as Babbie in The Little Minister, 1898; Juliet, 1899; the Duke in L'Aiglon, 1900; Miss Phcebe in Quality Street, 1902; Peter Pan, 1905; and Rosalind in As You Like It, 1910. She played the title role in Chantecler in 1911, and the principal part in The Legend of Leonora, 1913-14. She retired in 1918, but returned to the stage to play Portia, 1931, and Maria in Twelfth Night, 1934.

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