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addison, christopher, 1st viscount - Addison, christopher, 1st Viscount (b. 1869);
addison, christopher, 1st viscount - British politician. Born at Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire, June 19, 1869, he was educated at Harrogate and St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. He was for a time editor of The Quarterly Medical Journal. He entered parliament as Liberal M.P. for Hoxton in 1910, and was appointed parliamentary secretary to the board of Education in 1914, minister of munitions in 1916, and head of a new ministry of reconstruction in 1917. Transferred to the local government board in 1919, he became the first minister of Health in June of that year.

This post he resigned in 1921 after his housing scheme had been widely criticized, and became minister without portfolio until he lost his seat in the 1922 election. Joining the Labour party, he was M.P. for Swindon, 1929-31 and 1934-35, serving as minister of Agriculture, 1930-31. He was created a baron in 1937, and a viscount in 1945. In the same year he became Dominions secretary and leader of the House of Lords. His writings include Practical Socialism, 1926.

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