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adelphi, the - Adelphi, the (Gr. adelphoi, brothers);
adelphi, the - Name of a locality in London, between the Strand and the Thames Embankment. It was created by the enterprise of the brothers Robert and James Adam, who in 1768 began to reclaim this part of the foreshore of the Thames for building purposes. They obtained parliamentary sanction in 1771, and by constructing the Adelphi Arches provided some raised ground on which they built Adelphi Terrace and the streets formerly named after the four Adam brothers (j.i1.), James, William, John, and Robert. A wharf and storage room were provided, with access from the Strand, and these were completely separated from the fine houses above. The terrace was pulled down in 1936, and was subsequently replaced by commercial buildings of the modern style.

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