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adenoma - Adenoma;
adenoma - Name given to a tumour or new growth which arises in connexion with secreting glands and, in microscopic structure, simulates the tissue from which it is formed. Adenomata are most frequently found in the breast, prostate gland, kidney, intestine, rectum, skin (in connexion with sebaceous glands), salivary glands, lachrymal glands, nose, pharynx, uterus, and ovary. Sometimes there is a considerable development of fibrous tissue, the tumour then being termed "fibro-adenoma." This variety is often found in the breast.

Adenomata are almost invariably non-malignant. Their growth is usually slow. An adenoma may cause no harm or inconvenience, but if it becomes large and begins to press on neighbouring organs, it can as a rule be removed.

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