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adamnan, saint - Adamnan, saint (624-704)
adamnan, saint - Abbot of Iona. Born at Drum-home, Donegal, brought up in a monastery, and influenced theologically by the Venerable Bede, he became abbot of Iona in 679. The Latin Life of S. Columba attributed to him was edited by Dr. W. Reeves for the Irish Archaeological Society in 1857, and this, as translated by Bishop Forbes of Breclin in 1875, is still considered the standard edition. Adamnan wrote a work on the Holy Places, based on experiences understood to have been communicated to him by Arculphus, a Gallic bishop shipwrecked on the British coast while returning from the Holy Land. He died Sept. 23, 704. See An Irish Precursor of Dante, C. S. Boswell, 1908.

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