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adjutant-general to the forces - Adjutant-General to the forces;
adjutant-general to the forces - One of the military members of the British Army Council. Charged with duties pertaining to the army personnel, he raises recruits and is responsible for medical services, education, welfare, prisoners of war, and the registration of graves. Questions of military discipline are referred to him, and he issues orders when the military is needed to aid the civil power. He regulates the flow of drafts to units abroad, and the discharge of time-expired men. On mobilisation he allots units to formations, settles which battalions are to form the brigades, and appoints reserve officers to units. In war an adjutant-general is appointed to the staff of a commander-in-chief, and deputy adjutant-generals, assistant adjutant-generals, and deputy assistant adjutant-generals (D.A.A.G.) to the staffs of commanders of corps and divisions.

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