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addams, jane - Addams, jane (1860-1935)
addams, jane - American sociologist. Born in Cedarville, Illinois, Sept. 6, 1860, the daughter of a Quaker friend of Abraham Lincoln, she was educated at Rockford College, Illinois, and spent two years in Europe, in the course of which she studied conditions of poverty in the east end of London. On her return to the States she became a worker among the poor. In 1889, with Ellen Gates Starr, she helped to found Hull House, a social settlement in Chicago, on the lines of Toynbee Hall, London, and acted as its head resident. She was an ardent feminist and worker for international peace. In 1931 she shared the Nobel peace prize with Dr. N. M. Butler. Her books include Democracy and Social Ethics, 1902; A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil, 1912; The Long Road of Woman's Memory, 1916; The Second Twenty Years at Hull House, 1930. She died May 21, 1935. Consult Life, J. W. Linn, 1935.

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