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afterdamp - Afterdamp;
afterdamp - Also sometimes called choke damp. Following an explosion in a coal mine, the air is deficient in oxygen, with high proportions of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and is consequently both asphyxiating and highly poisonous. It is the cause of many fatal casualties. Rescuers in the affected pit have to wear oxygen masks. Choke damp is more correctly described as firedamp and is given off from a coal seam. It consists largely of methane, and when mixed with air is highly explosive. It is not poisonous but affects mine personnel because of the reduction in the oxygen of the air. By the Coal Mines Act of 19.11 underground workings are required to be adequately ventilated to prevent the accumulation of afterdamp and firedamp. Fatal casualties due to the explosion of firedamp and coal dust in 1944 were 19; there were also 8 deaths from asphyxiation due to natural gases produced in the workings. See Firedamp; Mining.

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