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agapemone - Agapemone (Gr. agape, love; none., abode);
agapemone - Headquarters of a community of both sexes, founded in Somersetshire in 1859 by Henry James Prince, formerly a doctor of medicine and a Church of England clergyman (1811-99). Prince styled himself " the beloved "and a reincarnation of the Holy Ghost. He and his followers lived in the "abode of love," a luxuriously furnished building at Spaxton, professedly with all things in common, but yielding implicit obedience to the head. Prince was succeeded by T. H. Smyth-Pigott, also a clergyman, in 1902, He was pastor of an affiliated church at Clapton, London. After many scandals, culminating in 1908, the movement died away. A similar community, the Familists, founded in East Friesland in 1540, spread to England, and in spite of a royal proclamation against it in 1580, existed until the 17th century. Pron. agapem'-one.

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