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agassiz, jean louis rodolphe - Agassiz, jean louis rodolphe (1807-73);
agassiz, jean louis rodolphe - Swiss-American naturalist. Born at Motier, Switzerland, May 28, 1807, he studied medicine at Zurich, Munich, and Heidelberg, was professor of natural history at Neuehatel, 1832-46, and an ardent follower of Cuvier. His work in 5 volumes, Recherches sur les poissons fossiles, was published 1833-43, and his scientific investigation of the movements of glaciers resulted in Etudes sur les glaciers, 1840. After 1ecturing at Boston, USA, in 1846, he was appointed in 1848 professor of natural history at Harvard, where later he established the museum of comparative zoology. He left his great work on the Natural History of the USA unfinished. He died at Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 14, 1873. He gave his name to the Agassiz Association, an American society, formed in 1875.

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