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agate - Agate;
agate - Variety of chalcedony (silica) deposited from water, usually presenting a banded or ribbon-like structure due to pauses in its growth. Its hardness makes it suitable for mortars, pivots, bearings in electrical instruments and knife edges in chemical balances. The more delicately banded and coloured varieties are used as ornamental stones. The name is said by Pliny to be derived from Achates, a river in Sicily, where it was originally found.

Agates may be classed as semiprecious stones. When the bands are fairly regular the stones are known as ribbon-agates. Onyx is a ribbon-agate with cloudy white bands alternating sharply with black bands. In cornelians white alternate with red, and in sardonyx with brown. Moss agate, or mocha-stone, has beautiful moss-like patches of a fibrous mineral. The choicest varieties are found in India, Uruguay, Southern Brazil, and Bohemia. Scotch pebbles are pretty agates found chiefly in Angus and Perthshire.

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