agnes defined in 1939 year

agnes - Agnes;
agnes - Feminine Christian name derived from agnus, the Latin word for a lamb.

agnes defined in 1939 year

agnes - Agnes (d. 306);
agnes - Roman saint, virgin, and martyr. She was beheaded at the age of 13 under Diocletian, and is commemorated on Jan. 21. A church in Rome is dedicated to her, her name is retained in the Church of England calendar, and her martyrdom is the subject of paintings by Tintoretto and other artists.

agnes defined in 1939 year

agnes - Agnes;
agnes - Character in Charles Dickens's novel, David Copper-field. She marries David after the death of Dora. Agnes's father, Mr. Wickfield, in whose house David lodges while at Dr. Strong's school, is Miss Betsy Trotwood's solicitor, a gentle, honest man, with a weakness for drink, whom Uriah Heep seeks to ruin.

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