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agnew - Agnew;
agnew - Family of art connoisseurs, dealers and publishers. They are now represented by the firm of Thomas Agnew and Sons, of London, Manchester, and Paris, the founder of which, Thomas Agnew (1794-1871), was mayor of Salford in 1851. Under the control of Sir William Agnew (1825-1910), the first baronet, and his brother Thomas, the reputation of the house greatly increased, and was maintained by William Lockett Agnew (1858-1918) and other members of the family. The firm has carried out many negotiations for the National Gallery and other art galleries, and has often acted as expert advisers to the British Government. In 1870 the Agnews obtained, through marriage, an interest in Punch, and from 1890 William Agnew, as chairman of Bradbury, Agnew and Co., the proprietors of Punch, was closely identified with that periodical. He was also Liberal M.P. for S.E. Lancashire 1880-5, and for Stratford 1885-6. Until the middle of the 18th century the family, which claims descent from the Sheuchan (Stranraer) branch of Agnew of Lochnaw, resided at Clendry, in the parish of Kirkcolm, Wigtownshire.

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