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agricola, gnaeus julius - Agricola, gnaeus julius (a.d. 37-93);
agricola, gnaeus julius - Roman general and administrator and governor of the Roman province of Britain. In a.d. 59 he served with the Roman army in Britain, and saw further service in Asia, again in Britain, and in Aquitania. Governor of Britain 78-86, he was recalled to Rome by Domitian. Agricola is the subject of a biography by his son-in-law Tacitus, the Roman historian. This claims for him a record as a conqueror and administrator which research has failed to confirm. He constructed a line of fortifications between the firths of Tay and Clyde, but the net effect of his conquests was to advance the Roman dominion only as far as York. His recall was probably due to the feeling that the results of the campaigns were not commensurate with his efforts. There is no evidence that he was poisoned, as was supposed, by the orders of Domitian.

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