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agriculture and fisheries, ministry of - Agriculture and Fisheries, ministry of;
agriculture and fisheries, ministry of - Department for supervising these industries in England and Wales. A Board of Agriculture was established in 1889 to take over duties previously performed by the Privy Council and by the Land Commissioners then abolished. In 1903 the supervision of fisheries was transferred to it from the Board of Trade, and it was known as the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. It was constituted a ministry in 1919, and on Jan. 9 following its first head was appointed. The minister now holds cabinet rank, is responsible to Parliament, and is assisted by a parliamentary, a permanent, and a second secretary.

For administrative purposes the work of the department is divided into the following categories: (1) Agriculture, including statistics, economics, and trade relations: produce and subsidies; local organization, small-holdings, and allotments; man power and wages; supplies, foodstuffs, livestock, and machinery; land drainage; animal health; technical, education, horticulture, and publications; intelligence: and special inquiries. (2) Wales and Monmouthshire. (3) Fisheries, including scientific investigation. (4) Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey, under a director. (5) General, including the establishment and finance divisions and the legal branch. (6) Ordnance Survey, with headquarters at Southampton, under a director-general (a military officer).

Scotland has its own Department of Agriculture, established as a board in 1911 to take over work previously discharged by the Crofters' Commission and the Congested Districts Board. There is also an Inspectorate of Fisheries under the Scottish Home Department. Northern Ireland has a cabinet minister in charge of agriculture. In each of the British Dominions a responsible minister of agriculture is included in the government; and in Canada every province, and in Australia every state, has a similar minister in its cabinet. See Kew Gardens; Ordnance Survey.

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