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agriculture, international institute of - Agriculture, international institute of;
agriculture, international institute of - Organization intended to provide agriculturists in all parts of the world with a knowledge of crop conditions and supply of farm products (more particularly those which enter into world commerce, e.g. cereals and cotton) that will help them to adjust supply to demand. The idea was conceived by David Lubin, a Californian merchant. Finding little support in the U.S.A., ho went to Europe, where he won the sympathy of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy; and in 1908 the Institute was opened in Rome. Its chief work was the collection of statistics, which were published in monthly bulletins and in special reports. From time to time meetings were held in Rome, under the Institute's auspices, of delegates appointed by the governments forming the union, and before the Second Great War the I.I.A. had come to be widely recognized as the principal source of information on the world's agriculture, seed breeding, soil chemistry, etc.

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