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agrippa, marcus vipsanius - Agrippa, marcus vipsanius (63-12 b.c.);
agrippa, marcus vipsanius - Roman general and statesman, friend and confidant of Octavian, afterwards the Roman emperor Augustus. During the civil wars following the death of Caesar, in which Octavian had to fight for the mastery of the Roman world, Agrippa conducted a successful campaign in Gaul in 38 B.C.; effectually checked the menace of Sextus Pompeius by his naval victory at Naulochus in 36: and commanded the fleet at the decisive battle of Actiutn in 31. His military activity continued after Augustus became emperor, and he conducted successful campaigns in Gaul, Spain, Pannonia, and Syria. Agrippa was responsible for many public works at Rome and was a generous patron of art and letters. He had much to do with the survey of the empire, begun by Julius Caesar and completed under Augustus. His third wife was Julia, the emperor's daughter.

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