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aguirre, lope de - Aguirre, lope de (1508-61);
aguirre, lope de - Spanish pirate. In 1559, after a seafaring life, he joined de Ursua's expedition to the upper Amazon in search of El Dorado. Ho abetted Guzman in the mutiny in which de Ursua and his lieutenant were killed, and after his own faction was established he contrived the murder of Guzman. An amazing voyage followed, in which the self-proclaimed rebels sailed down the river, looting, murdering, and burning everywhere. They captured Margarita island, killing the governor and robbing the royal treasury. From here Aguirre wrote a letter to the king of Spain accusing him of ingratitude, but soon afterwards was shot by his fellow rebels, Oct., 1561. Southey describes his piracy in The Expedition of Ursua and the Crimes of Aguirre, 1821. pron. Ag-irray.

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