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ahmed iii - Ahmed III (1673-1736);
ahmed iii - Sultan of Turkey. Brother of Mus-tapha II, on whose deposition he succeeded in 1703, he was the first sultan to announce his accession to the European sovereigns. In 1709 Charles XII of Sweden, defeated by Russia at Poltava, took refuge in Turkey, and this led to war with Russia in 1710. The war ended a year later, and by the treaty of the Pruth Russia ceded Azov. In 1715 the Morea was seized from the Venetians, but the Turks were defeated by the Austrians at Peterwardein in 1716 and at Belgrade in 1717, peace being concluded with Austria at Passarowitz in 1718. Ahmed was deposed in Sept., 1730, and was kept in prison until his death.

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