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aids - Aids;
aids - Payments made in feudal times by vassals to the king, barons, and other overlords, the equivalent of the taxes of to-day. The Latin word for aid in this sense was auxilium, help.

At first in England the kings and barons collected aids as often as they could, but by the time of Henry I the number of times they could lawfully do this had been reduced to three: (1) when the eldest son was knighted; (2) when the eldest daughter was married; (3) when the king or lord himself needed ransom. These were the regular feudal aids. But the kings did not confine themselves to three aids, hence in Magna Carta King John was forbidden to collect any except the regular aids, unless with the consent of the council. In 1275 the amount of a feudal aid was fixed at 20s. for each knight's fee, and from time to time these were collected until the reign of James I, who took the last on record in 1613. The term aid was also used in the time of the later Plantagenet kings (1272-1377) for other taxes—for the tax paid to the king-by the towns, for money paid in lieu of military service, and for that paid to sheriffs for their own use. See Taxation.

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