october 3

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october 3 - October 3
october 3 - Demonstration at Constantinople in favour of war with Bulgaria; Nazim Pasha, minister of war, appointed Commander-in-Chief of Turkish forces; Turkish frontier guards attack Montenegrins near Berane. - Reported that Belgian capitalists have lent £10,000,000 to China in connection with railway contract between Honan and Shansi. - British Insurance Commissioners issue provisional regulations as to administration of medical benefit. - Royalist conspirators in Portugal sentenced at Lisbon to six years' imprisonment followed by ten years' deportation. - Mr. J. P. Morgan informs Committee of U.S. Senate that his firm contributed to Republican funds in 1904 and 1908 but without motive of securing benefits. - Miss G. Evans, Suffragist, serving sentence of penal servitude for attempted burning of Theatre Royal, Dublin, released on grounds of health. - Railway accident near Westport Conn.; 7 persons killed, 40 injured. - Celebration of centenary of Cortes of Cadiz at Cadiz. - 18 persons arrested for rioting in Cyprus on May 27 sentenced at Limasol to terms of imprisonment varying from 9 months to 15 years.

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