KNOLIK wants to preserve the original old English knowledges, which was developed last century and aim to make sure it is not forgotten. The true roots of our knowledges are very important and we must put effort into preserving and remembering them. Only by remembering the origins of our knowledges will we understand how it has developed over time. We want to observe the changes in language over time, from basic to medieval to modern 21st century writings.

A (1387)B (258)C (578)D (155)E (166)F (131)G (153)H (178)
I (96)J (102)K (22)L (155)M (310)N (118)O (126)P (441)
Q (17)R (145)S (387)T (182)U (35)V (77)W (50)X (9)
Y (12)Z (15)      

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