thread-leaved crowfoot

thread-leaved crowfoot defined in 1956 year

thread-leaved crowfoot - Thread-leaved Crowfoot;
thread-leaved crowfoot - With submerged leaves only, not longer than broad, and forming a stiff tassel-like spray; flowers ½ in. across, and hairy fruits. Common in still waters. The group includes (i) Ranunculus drouetii Godron, with leaves collapsing, smaller flowers and hairless fruits; (ii) Ranunculus circinatus Sibthorp, (Locally common plant) with the stiff segments of the leaves forming a rimless wheel 1 in. across; and (iii) Ranunculus sphaerospermus Boissier & Blanche, (Scarce plant) with rigid leaves forming dense globular masses, larger flowers an inch across and fruits nearly spherical.

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