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ainley, henry hinchliffe - Ainley, henry hinchliffe (1879-1945)
ainley, henry hinchliffe - British actor. Born at Leeds, Aug. 21, 1879, he was a bank clerk before he went on the stage. After touring with Sir Frank Benson he made his first appearance in London at the Lyceum Theatre in 1900, and subsequently became one of the leading character actors on the British stage by his performances as Ham Carve in The Great Adventure (1913) and Joseph Quinney in Quinney's (1915). In 1919 he became joint manager of the St. James's Theatre, London, and from 1920 to 32 appeared with conspicuous success in many of the leading plays of the day, notably in Flecker's Hassan (1923), The First Mrs. Fraser (1929-30) and The Anatomist-(1931), and in many films. He was also distinguished in Shakespearean parts, among his finest interpretations being those of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, and Hamlet. Owing to severe illness he left the stage for six years in 1932, but began broadcasting regularly in 1937. Radio proved an ideal medium for his exceptionally melodious sneaking voice. He died Oct. 31, 1945.

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