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alloys density - Alloys Density;
alloys density - Nies and Winkelmann examined the density of metals in a solid and in a liquid state, and found that, contrary to the generally accepted views on the subject, many melted metals expand when they solidify. Tin, slowly and carefully heated to its melting-point, floated on melted tin, and rose to its surface even after it had been submerged. By attaching pieces of copper to the floating tin, it was found that the increase of density by melting over solid tin was 0.7 per cent., a difference which is almost as great as that between, tin at the freezing and the boiling points of water. Lead and cadmium did not yield as decisive a result. Zinc, however, behaved like tin, but showed only a contraction of 0'2 per cent. In the case of bismuth, the floating test is very easily carried out, as this metal shows as much as 3 per cent. Copper and iron showed a slight difference, the peculiarity in the case of iron being well known, and having been the subject of elaborate investigations by Wrightson.

The following table of the alloys, whose density is greater or less than the mean of their constituents, is given by several writers:

Alloys the Density of which is Greater than the mean of their constituents

Gold and zinc.
Gold and tin.
Gold and bismuth.
Gold and antimony.
Gold and cobalt.
Silver and zinc.
Silver and tin.
Silver and bismuth.
Silver and antimony.
Copper and zinc.
Copper and tin.
Copper and palladium.
Copper and bismuth.
Lead and antimony.
Platinum and molybdenum.
Palladium and bismuth.

Alloys the Density of which is Less than the mean of their constituents.

Gold and silver.
Gold and iron.
Gold and lead.
Gold and copper.
Gold and iridium.
Gold and nickel.
Silver and copper.
Iron and bismuth.
Iron and antimony.
Iron and lead.
Tin and lead.
Tin and palladium.
Tin and antimony.
Nickel and arsenic.
Zinc and antimony.

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