various-leaved crowfoot

various-leaved crowfoot defined in 1956 year

various-leaved crowfoot - Various-leaved Crowfoot;
various-leaved crowfoot - Has both floating leaves cut to half-way and finely cut submerged leaves collapsing when out of the water; flowers ½ in. across, and hairy fruits on stalks shorter than the leaves. Common in ponds and ditches. The group includes (i) Ranunculus peltatus Schrank, with floating leaves kidney-shaped and not deeply cut, submerged leaves not collapsing, flowers twice as large and fruit-stalks longer than the leaves; and (ii) Ranunculus baudotii Godron with floating leaves 3-lobed to their stalk, like a Clover, submerged leaves not collapsing and hairless fruits on long stalks; near sea.

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