aestivation defined in 1939 year

aestivation - Aestivation (Lat. aestivare, to pass the summer);
aestivation - In zoology, the summer sleep of animals, resembling the more common hibernation, or winter sleep. It is seen chiefly in molluscs and freshwater fish, which are enabled by it to endure a dry condition.

The African mud fish (Protopterus) inhabits streams which dry up in the summer. The fish then forms a kind of cocoon in the mud, in which it coils up and goes to sleep until the rainy season returns. Land snails retire in dry weather into the ground or sheltered crevices, where they secrete an epiphragm or thin film over the aperture of the shell to prevent evaporation. They then become dormant until rain again brings them out.

aestivation defined in 1951 year

aestivation - aestivation;
aestivation - (1) (Bot.). The arrangement of the parts in a flower-bud. (2) (Zool.). Dormancy during summer or dry season; it occurs e.g., in lung-fish (Dipnoi). See also: Hibernation.

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