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algae - algae;
algae - Simple, photosynthetic plants with unicellular organs of reproduction. Plant body (thallus) unicellular; or multi-cellular, filamentous or flattened, ribbon-like, with relatively complex internal organization in higher forms but non-vascular. Aquatic plants, marine or freshwater, or plants of damp situations, e.g. damp walls, tree trunks, in soil. Algae has been abandoned as a formal taxon in recent classifications, component groups being now considered as sufficiently distinctive to merit recognition as divisions. These are based on structure, pigments, chemical nature of cell wall, flagella, as-similatory products; and comprise Bacillariophyta, Charophyta, Ghlorophyta, Chrysophyta, Gryptophyta, Cyanophyta, Eugleno-phyta, Phaeophyta, Pyrrophyta, Rhodophyta, Xanthophyta.

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