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autotrophic - autotrophic;
autotrophic - (Of an organism) independent of outside sources of organic substances for provision of its own organic constituents, which it can manufacture from inorganic material. An autotrophic organism may be phototrophic or chemotrophic as regards its supply of energy. Most chlorophyll-containing plants are autotrophic, manufacturing organic materials from water, carbon-dioxide, nitrates, and other salts with sunlight as the photo-trophic source of energy (See also: Chlorophyll}. A few bacteria are autotrophic, using inorganic materials, and chemotrophic, using energy produced by inorganic oxidations, e.g. of hydrogen sulphide by sulphur bacteria or of hydrogen by hydrogen bacteria. All other organisms, which are heterotrophic, depend ultimately on the synthetic activities of autotrophic organisms. See also: Metabolite.

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