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bagillariophyta - bagillariophyta
bagillariophyta - Diatoms. Division of algae. Microscopic, unicellular plants, occurring singly or grouped into colonies. In addition to chlorophylls a and c, chloroplasts contain a-, £-, e-carotene and xanthophylls including fucoxanthin. Cell wall of pectic materials impregnated with silica, finely sculptured; composed of two halves, one of which overlaps the other. Asexual reproduction by cell division, sexual reproduction isogamous or aniso-gamous. Abundant in marine and freshwater plankton and benthos. With dinoflagellates (Pyrrophyta) and a few other algae provide basis for all life in sea. Past deposition of countless numbers of the silicified cell walls has formed the deposits known as siliceous or diatomaceous earths, and oil reserves of diatoms of past ages have contributed to the petroleum supplies of today.

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