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capillary, blood - capillary, blood;
capillary, blood - Minute tube (very roughly 5-20 micrometres internal diameter; a given capillary can dilate or constrict) conveying blood, which it receives from a small artery (arteriole in vertebrates) and gives up to small vein; with a wall consisting of a single layer of flattened cells (endothelium), supported by some fine connective tissue fibres. In vertebrates, capillaries in very large numbers permeate almost all the tissues. The main exchange of substances between blood and tissues occurs through capillary walls, which are permeable to small molecules (such as oxygen, glucose, amino-acids, which pass from blood to tissues; carbon dioxide which passes from tissues to blood). Walls are also freely permeable to water and salts. The reason why the water of the blood does not leak away through capillaries is that the large molecules of the blood, especially plasma proteins, are retained by capillary walls and hold back water by osmosis. In Arthropoda and Mollusca capillaries are physiologically largely replaced by haemocoel.

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