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carotenoids - carotenoids;
carotenoids - Group of yellow, orange and red plant pigments located in chloroplasts and in plastids in other plant parts where chlorophyll is absent, e.g. carrot roots, many flowers; and in photosynthetic lamellae of blue-green algae and some bacteria. Also occur in some fungi. Increase in concentration in many ripening fruits, e.g. tomato. Not essential to, but assist in, photosynthesis by absorbing light and passing energy on to chlorophyll. Protect cells from photochemical damage in several bacteria, including both photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic species. Long chain compounds (tetraterpenes). Include carotenes (&alpa;, β-, etc.) and xanthophylls (lutein, flavoxanthin, fucoxanthin, zeaxthanthin, etc.). Carotene of food is changed to vitamin A in vertebrate liver.

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