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cell cycle - cell cycle;
cell cycle - The cycle of changes concerned with replication during the life span of a cell, from the mitosis that gives it origin to the following mitosis that divides it into daughter cells. On the basis of DNA replication the cycle is divided into the G1 phase, following mitosis, when the diploid quantity of DNA is present; then the S phase, of a few hours, during which the quantity of DNA doubles (with replication of the chromosomes); then the G2 phase (which may be substantially omitted) when the tetraploid quantity of DNA is present; and finally the M or mitotic phase. Many other biochemical events are correlated with the DNA cycle. The total duration of the cell cycle is rarely less than 10 hours; it may be much longer, and becomes indefinitely long when cells cease all division, such cells usually becoming arrested in G1 (or G0 as it is sometimes called in these circumstances).

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