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cellulose - cellulose;
cellulose - Fundamental constituent of cell wall in higher plants, many algae and some fungi. Occurs also in Urochordata. Long chain polysaccharide made up of β-glucose units. In primary cell wall long chain cellulose molecules are aligned in parallel and bonded together in groups of up to 200 to form crystalline micelles. Micelles and unoriented cellulose molecules form a loose network with pectin filling the interstices. This organization allows for wall extension in cell growth and more cellulose is laid down between existing micelles. In secondary wall micelles associate to form long strands, microfibrils separated by non-cellulose material, and laid down in successive layers, in different directions, conferring rigidity on wall. Fibrous nature of cellulose is responsible for its use in textile industries (cotton, linen, artificial silk). See also: Cell-wall

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