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coelenterata - coelenterata;
coelenterata - Phylum of animals containing hydroids, jellyfish, sea-anemones, corals, comb-jellies. All aquatic, most marine. Body built on a fairly simple plan; more or less radially symmetrical; of jelly-like consistency; gut (coelenteron) has one opening only; nervous system diffuse; no excretory system; no blood system. The body-wall is usually described as having only two layers of cells (diploblastic); but while this statement is true of the delicate hydroids and of Hydra which is usually cited as a 'type' of the group, it needs qualification for jellyfish, sea-anemones, and comb-jellies. See also: Alesogloea. Phylum contains subphyla Gnidaria (classes Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Actinozoa) and Ctenophora.

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