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coelom - coelom;
coelom - Main body cavity of many triploblastic animals, in which gut is suspended. Situated in the mesoderm, lined by epithelium (mesothelium). Contains fluid which, unlike blood, is not circulated by muscular walls (except in some leeches). Germ-cells mature in its walls or in a specialized part of it (the gonads); and when they are ripe they are often shed into the coelom, and are then usually transported to exterior by coelomoducts (e.g. oviducts of vertebrates). In many animals plays important part in collecting excretions which are removed from it by nephridia or coelomoducts. Coelom is spacious in Echinodermata, Vertebrata, polychaete and oligochaete Annelida (though not in Hirudinea) where it forms the perivisceral cavity. In Arthropoda and Mollusca it forms only the cavity of gonads and excretory organs, and not the perivisceral cavity, which is a haemocoel.

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