conditioned reflex

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conditioned reflex - conditioned reflex;
conditioned reflex - A reflex modified by experience, the original sensory component (i.e. the stimulus, sense organ, and sensory nerve path involved in it) being replaced by a different sensory component, the motor component (i.e. the response) remaining unchanged. E.g. food placed in a dog's mouth evokes reflex flow of saliva. If the introduction of food is accompanied by ringing a bell, and this is repeated several times, the bell alone eventually becomes able to evoke the salivation; though the effect is temporary unless reinforced from time to time by administering both food and bell. The original salivation reflex, which is inborn, i.e. does not depend on the experience of the animal, is the unconditioned re flex \ it is not lost as a result of the experiment. The induced response to the bell alone is a conditioned reflex.

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