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conjugation - conjugation;
conjugation - (1) Union of gametes, free-swimming or not, especially in isogamy. (2) Union between two cells in certain bacteria (Escherichia and related genera) allowing passage of genetic material from one, the donor cell, to the other, the recipient cell. One important difference from sexual reproduction in other organisms is that usually only part of genetic material is transferred from the donor cell. (3) Process by which sexual reproduction is effected in most Ciliata. In the simplest cases two individuals partially fuse; macronuclei disintegrate and micronuclei undergo changes, including meiosis, resulting in production of two gamete nuclei from each; one gamete nucleus from each organism passes into the other organism and there fuses with the stationary gamete nucleus, so that a zygote nucleus results in each individual. The organisms then separate, the zygote nycleus undergoes further divisions and ultimately gives rise to a micronucleus and macronucleus. (4) Also used more loosely as synonymous with syngamy.

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