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ear ossicle - ear ossicle;
ear ossicle - Bone in middle ear, connecting ear-drum to inner ear, in tetrapod vertebrates. Transmits vibrations of ear-drum caused by aerial sound waves to the fluid of the inner ear. A single ossicle, columella auris, representing hyomandibula of fishes, is present in ear of reptiles, birds, and many amphibians. Three ossicles, malleus, incus, and stapes, of interesting evolutionary history, are present in mammalian ear. Stapes represents columella. Malleus represents a bone of lower jaw (articular) which in other vertebrates articulates with quadrate bone of upper jaw forming jaw-joint; but a new kind of joint in mammals (between dentary and squamosal) frees articular; and it also frees quadrate, which becomes incus. The three ossicles of mammals form a lever system, diminishing amplitude of sound waves and increasing force on inner ear.

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