endoplasmig reticulum

endoplasmig reticulum defined in 1951 year

endoplasmig reticulum - Complex meshwork of tubular channels, often expanded into slit-like cavities (cisternae) together with more or less flattened vesicles, all bounded by unit membranes, occuring in the cytoplasm of many eucaryote cells; usually only visible by electron microscopy. The membranes are sometimes seen to connect with nuclear membrane and Golgi apparatus, and occasionally with invaginations of plasma membrane at cell surface. Particularly well-developed in actively growing cells, and frequently covered, on the outside of the vesicles or paired membranes, with small bodies (ribosomes) concerned in protein synthesis (without ribosomes the membrane is termed smooth-surfaced, with ribosomes rough-surfaced). Theory is that membranes may function, like plasma membrane, in regulating exchange of materials passing through them, and that channels may form a system conveying materials within the cell.

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